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When managing your finances, our main goal at HVM is to help you become financially secure. We offer a wide range of financial management products and services. Our professional financial services team will tailor innovative financial strategies to the unique needs of each and every individual and business.

Look no further than HVM for friendly, professional assistance with your personal finances. Our financial services for individuals include:

Investment Planning

When it comes to investment planning, we go the extra mile at HVM by taking your personal goals into account and structuring an investment strategy that is in line with your individual objectives – while still maximising the return according to your risk profile. Through this process, we take numerous factors into consideration – such as asset allocation, tax efficiency and risk profiling – to give you comprehensive investment advice.

Personal Cash Flow Budgeting

Here at HVM, we take an in-depth look at your short-term financial goals and put solutions in place for unforeseen circumstances in your day-to-day living. One of the popular cash flow budgeting solutions we frequently suggest to our clients is a fund that amounts to a variable of the client’s salary. This is commonly known as an Emergency Fund.

Risk Planning

In everyday life, you are constantly exposed to all sorts of risks that can be detrimental your financial well-being. At HVM, we use Risk Planning to address all the relevant risks in your life and formulate a strategy to minimise or mitigate those risks – taking into account your personal goals and objectives. Risk Planning involves protection against the potential loss of income or assets through illness, injury or premature death.

Estate Planning

Are you sure your wishes for your estate will be honoured when you’re gone? The purpose of Estate Planning is to ensure the deceased’s wishes are carried out and that their chosen beneficiaries benefit from their death in a manner according to the deceased’s intentions. Estate Planning includes the drafting of wills, and the setup and management of trusts that are integrated with your holistic estate plan. At HVM, we professionally manage your estate so that you, your family as well as the rest of your beneficiaries can enjoy your estate and assets to the full during your lifetime and after your death.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning is more than simply saving up for your retirement. Our financial services team at HVM has the necessary know-how to help you reach your retirement objective. This is done through a mixture of tax law, compound interest, time value of money and an individually based investment strategy.

Holistic Financial Planning

Holistic financial planning allows us to make sure that our clients are financially secure; no matter what obstacles life throws at them. Here at HVM, we use a unique strategy called the BELOR Strategy to get a holistic view of your financial portfolio. The BELOR strategy is a detailed Financial Needs Analysis that is unique to your circumstances and in line with your goals and objectives. It allows us to compile a holistic summary of your finances and develop a financial plan that is applicable to your needs.